Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Brizendine Family Christmas!

We had Christmas with David's family on Sunday and we did it in Birmingham this time. We all went to eat at Logan's and then went back to Brent and Stephanie's house to have dessert, presents and lots of family time. It was a really fun time and Delaney had a blast hanging out with all her cousins. She seriously loves them all and wears herself out playing so hard every time we get a chance to see them. They are all wonderful to her and always take time to play with her and make her feel special. We also played our annual dirty Santa with the adults and three of us ended up with our own presents (me included!). I got a picture frame that I got from a boutique in Arkansas that had a booth at Christmas Village. I hope they come back next year because they have some amazing things and I would love to get another one!

Monday we had lunch at Mama G's in Homewood with David's sister Staci, Brent and Stephanie, Hunter and David's dad. It was alot of fun getting to spend more time with them before they all went home. We are having an amazing Christmas so far! We are headed to my moms tonight for our big Christmas with her family!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Festivities!

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit around here and doing all kinds of fun things! We took Delaney to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa a couple of weeks ago and she did great. She was super excited to see him when we were in line and watched all the kids before her go up and get their "prize" after. I think she was actually more excited about the candy cane prize than she was about sitting in Santa's lap. She was so brave and sat there in his lap like a big girl. She would not talk to him though and was soooo serious! Ha! It was pretty funny, but I was just proud of her that she didn't cry. The Galleria also has a train in it this year so we have been taking full advantage and Delaney LOVES riding. We have been looking at lights also and she gets so excited to see all the different displays. This Christmas is going to be so fun with her. She knows what she wants Santa to bring and will tell you she want: a kitchen, pots and pans to cook, crayons, a Princess straw cup (seriously!) and play food! She is going to be one happy little girl when she realizes how this all works on Christmas morning. I can't wait to see her face!