Friday, November 21, 2014

Delaney is Six!

I have a six year old!! I know I am her mom, but Delaney really is such an amazing and fun little girl! She is caring, compassionate, silly, driven, feisty, and loving. Here are some facts about Delaney at 6...

- You started Kindergarten this year and are doing great academically and socially. Your teacher said academically you have all the tools but just need to build confidence in sharing your answers. However, socially she said you can be one of the loudest and have things under control (wonder where you got that :)

- You like to read more than you like to write.

- You are such a great big sister and so loving and caring with Carter. You take on the mommy role when ya'll are playing and it is so sweet to see you nurture and take care of her. 

- You make friends easily and get along with most anyone.

- You wear a size 5 clothes and a size 12/13 shoe.

- Your bedtime right now is around 8:00 P.M. 

- Your favorite food is steak and ginger sauce from the Japanese restaurant.

- You still love anything princess and are really girly.

- You are taking cheernastics at ACC and doing great. You have learned so much since you started! 

- You can have an attitude with mommy sometimes; we are working on this ;) 

- You love being around family, and your teacher said you often draw pictures or write stories that are centered around family events. This makes my heart so happy! 

- You love Jesus and talk about Him and His love for us and things that make Him happy. You are starting to realize that not everyone thinks the same things as we do now that you are in big school. I hope you always stay strong in your convictions and show others God's love.  

- You are pretty responsible and I can trust you to do the right thing most of the time. 

Daddy and I love you so much Delaney! You make us so proud and are becoming such an amazing little girl. We love to watch you grow and learn each day. We thank the Lord for choosing us to be your parents! Happy 6th birthday to my first baby girl!! 

You had your part at Build-A-Bear and it was a blast!!

You and Bella shared cake and snacks with all your friends and then everyone stayed and had her party at Claire's after. 

The two birthday girls! 

Zoo and Kindergarten field trip!

We had some amazing weather over the Veteran's Day weekend and went to the zoo with all the girls! It was really fun! D also drew a picture of her two aunts, Staci and Traci, for their birthday. We sent them this picture and she even gave them the right color hair, haha! 

D had her field trip to the pumpkin patch last week and I was excited that I got to go with her. She has such a sweet class and an amazing teacher! She is growing and learning so much this year so far. They had a blast at the pumpkin patch and loved every minute of the trip! Here are some pictures from our recent adventures! 

Papa and Susan's!

This past weekend we went to visit my dad and Susan. The weather was so nice, and they just built a huge new deck to enjoy. We stayed outside almost the entire visit and the girls had fun exploring and walking around. Carter got in some relaxing rocking time with my dad when we first got there. It was a fun visit! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Disney on Ice!

We went to Disney on Ice this past Sunday. My mom gets us tickets through her work each year, and it's always fun. This was Carter's first trip and to say she loved it would be an understatement. She danced, conducted, clapped, and even tried to copy the performers! Delaney is so reserved at things like this and doesn't even clap, so it was hilarious to see how outwardly excited and into everything Carter was. I think she is going to be my child that actually shows excitement, and I love it! Delaney and my mom were laughing so hard at Carter they were crying. We had the best time, and I wish I could just freeze Carter last night because it was so cute! Here are some pictures from our trip! 

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween this year. Wednesday night we met up with my sis-in-law and the girls for some trunk-or-treat at Hunter Street. The girls had a blast, and we ate free hotdogs before! On Halloween night we went trick-or-treating at the mall. It is something we accidentally discovered one Halloween when it rained, and it could possibly be our plan every year! Tons of the stores give out candy, it's not cold, and the kids can roam around without getting run over. Carter held her own bucket for some candy, but she was really more interested in just holding the candy in her hand. We had a great night!