11 month post!

Delaney is 11 months today! I say every month that I can't believe however old she is but I really cannot believe that next month my little baby that I feel like I just had yesterday will be one! I have already started planning her party and I'm going to try and keep the tears away but we will see how that goes! Delaney is growing and developing more of a personality everyday. Here are some things you are up to at 11 months:

- You have become demanding when we go out to dinner and if you are done with one bite and I don't have another ready you will let out a yell at me. Its funny now and most of the time your not super loud when you do it but in a few months well have to start doing somethings about that impatience of yours!

- You are walking really well and are all over the place.. you don't ever really crawl anymore because you have realized you get there faster walking.

- We have been working on using a cup a lot this past month and you are finally getting the hang of it and love your juice.

- You have started to not like your carseat again and yell really loud when I put you in if you are tired

- You weigh 16lb 3oz and are 27.5in long

- You are eating 3 solid meals a day some table food and some of them baby food and you also eat 4 bottles a day with 6oz in each

- You eat pretty much anything we give you and we haven't found anything that you don't like so far

- You are wearing a size 2 diaper

- You are really into mimicking people and will copy all the sounds we make.. In the car the other day I coughed not even realizing it until you started coughing back at me!

- Something I have forgotten to write the last couple months is that of all the many toys you have your favorite thing is a Mr. Dew bottle! Seriously I guess your easy to please!

We love you so much little monkey and it has been another wonderful month with you!


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