Potty Training Fashion Show!

Delaney has been doing pretty good with potty training. She has been wearing big girl panties at school for about a week with only a few small accidents. We are trying to be consistent at home since they are doing so much work with her at school and she is doing so well. I am always nervous taking her out in public in her big girl panties though. Pull ups did not work with her at all because she just thought they were the same as a diaper. Anyway she is SUPER proud of all her big girl panties she picked out and insisted Mazi sit with her friends the other night so she could show off all her panties. She would hold up each pair and tell them what was on the panties and then carefully put them back in her pile and get a new pair out. It was pretty funny and Mazi was a really good sport!


  1. This is so precious and funny! And great job on the potty training!

    We've been in Pull-Ups for a while now, and each day that goes by, I feel like I'm being pimped by the training pants industry! I'm finally starting to put her in panties alone, and we definitely have accidents. So we've got a ways to go. Luckily school is helping a lot and she's now in the "official" potty training class.

    I feel like just with the bottle and paci (that both went very well when we got her off), it will happen when it's supposed to. I try to keep it positive and never make a big deal, but sometimes I think I may need to be a little more firm. What do you say to Delaney when she goes in her big girl underwear? Email me. :)


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