18 months and General Update

Ok so I have been somewhat of a slacker, but I actually wrote this entire post earlier in the week and when I went to edit it deleted the entire thing! And I was mad so I'm just now over it to rewrite the thing!

So we (well I) have been super busy these last two weeks taking a two week class, which happened to be my first class as a grad student! It was really intense and even included writing a TWENTY page paper due at the end of the first week along with class hours of 7:30am-7:00pm! It was a lot but I'm so glad I got an entire class credit knocked out in two weeks. So I'm back in the game of life now that I'm done. I start back in June but those will be a month long and only meet a couple days a week so it won't be nearly as intense!

On to what everyone cares about, Delaney! While I was away she turned 18 months old! I can't believe I have a year and a half old child and she will be two before I know it... I really need time to slow down. I remember her birthday so well that I can't imagine how that much time has gone by. We went for her 18 month checkup a couple of weeks ago and everything was great (except maybe how tiny she is) Here are some things Delaney is doing these days:

-She talks non stop! And I'm talking whole conversations, in sentences, in her own language... I can't wait to be able to understand what she is saying because she acts like its really important!

-She knows tons of words and can use them correctly to tell you what she wants. My favorite of course are "love you" and "mommy"

-She knows to say please when she wants something now

-The last couple of months she can recognize anyone she knows in pictures and will just start saying their name until you pay attention and tell her that's correct

-She weighs 18lb15oz (no %) and is 30.5in (25%)

-She wears mostly 12m clothes (some smaller some larger) and a 4.5 shoe

-Size 3 diaper

-She loves to push her baby stroller and always wants to go outside with it right after breakfast

-She has become a pretty picky eater.. She used to eat ANYTHING, even weird stuff, and now she likes something one day and doesn't like it the next. Were working on this! We are also on pedi-assure so we are making sure she gets what she needs!

-She knows tons of body parts (hands, finger, everything on her head, etc.)and can show you on herself

-She knows tons of animal sounds and its so cute to hear her make all of them!

-She is still a great sleeper and sleeps from 7pm-8am and usually takes one 2-3 hour nap

-She still has 8 teeth but her 4 molars are almost in

-She loves the dogs and my moms dog Tobi is her favorite

-We went to Alabama Adventure for the first time and she loved the water once she got used to it and was running in like a lifeguard! (think Baywatch!)

-She has her moments but for the most part she is happy go lucky and pretty laid back about things

-She is really sweet and sometimes will come up to me and cup my chin in her hands and just stare at me so sweet! (sometimes when she does it she will even give me a kiss)

-She has become a daddy's girl these last couple of weeks while I have been in class but well work on that while I'm off with her! For the most part she really doesn't have a preference for either one of us and loves being with either (unless she's sick and then its mommy all the way!)

-She has started trying to jump and will squat down all the way to the ground and stand up really fast but she still doesn't get off the ground. It's hilarious! She likes for you to jump to and will stand there and say chump, chump, chump! (jump)

We love you so much Delaney and are so glad God chose us to be your parents! You were made perfectly for our family and Daddy and I can't get enough of you!


  1. The one shoulder bathing suit must be all the rage this year;) Your update is great! I need to add some things to mine. I'm so scared when I finally get a baby book, I will have forgotten!


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