Easter 2011!

I'm so late with this post but wanted to make sure I included it for our recording purposes. We had a great Easter celebrating our risen Savior! Delaney goes to a christian preschool so they talk about the real meaning of Easter and read the Easter story. On Easter morning she was telling us "He's alive, He's alive, the angel said", not sure it was really the angel that said that, but you get the point that she is starting to learn the real meaning of Easter early! We are so amazed and grateful for the sacrifice our Savior made so that we could live and be forgiven for our sins.

We started off the first festivities with an Easter egg hunt at Delaney's school. They didn't really even hide the eggs, just dumped them all over the ground of the playground and let the kiddos go wild! Delaney filled her entire bucket up and was serious about her first egg hunt of 2011! After they finished hunting they played and had Popsicles.

We go to an amazing life giving church that we absolutely love! They offered Easter services all weekend long in order to give the most people possible the chance to hear about Christ. We opted to go on Friday night and as always it was great. We were excited because we all got to go as a big family with tons of David's family. After the service we met Traci and her family to eat a J. Alexanders.

When we woke up on Easter morning we found that the Easter bunny had found our house and left Delaney a few goodies. The best surprise Mickey and Minnie (seriously I had a hard time finding these things and finally ordered them from the Disney Store!). Delaney was ecstatic with her loot. We headed over to my moms a little later for more surprises and lunch with her side of the family. Delaney loves getting time to spend some play time with my cousins kids and act like she's a big girl. We had our annual egg hunt there as well and Delaney had tons of fun. Here are some pics from Easter day! We had such a great Easter and loved celebrating our RISEN SAVIOR with our family!!


  1. Looks like you guys had the perfect Easter weekend! Morgan has that same little romper-like pant suit on your last pic. Did you get it from zulily? :-)


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