Pregnancy Week 15

How far along? 15 weeks

Size of the baby? Apple

Maternity Clothes? Not yet. I feel like I am bigger than I was with Delaney at this point in the pregnancy but I am going to wear dresses for as long as possible!

Weight Gain? 4lbs was the total as of last appointment

Stretch Marks? I had them with Delaney so I'm hoping to just not gain any new ones!

Gender? We find out next Thursday on August 16th!

Movement? I have felt little flutters here and there but nothing very significant yet.

Wedding Rings? On

Sleep? I slept horrible at the very beginning of the pregnancy and I have been sleeping better lately. I got this horrible cough over the last week and have slept really bad for the last couple of days. I am on some medicine from my doctor now though and slept great last night!

Food Cravings? I have random cravings. I just changes everyday. I have been craving fruit though from the beginning.

What I Miss? Nothing right now

Symptoms? I felt much sicker this time around than I did with Delaney but never actually got sick. I had zero energy and just overall felt bad for the first trimester. I have started feeling so much more back to myself lately and I'm pretty excited about that!

Belly Button? In

Best Moment of the Week? Sharing our news with everyone and feeling better


  1. So very excited for you guys! It's crazy that I remember this, but back when you were pregnant with Delaney you'd make David go get you pizza (from Subway, I think). Haha!

    Wishing you a smooth and uneventful pregnancy!

  2. I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to find out what you're having! I craved fruit with Sam and I craved junk food with Finley so maybe it's a boy ;)

  3. I am SOOOOOOOO gonna need pictures!!!


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