Carter- 2 month update!

What a difference a month makes! Carter, you are such a happy and content baby these days. Over the last month you have developed the sweetest personality and will just smile and look around when you are awake. You also started sleeping in your crib. The transition from the rock and play to the crib was a little rough. You were used to sleeping on an incline and sleeping flat was a big change for you. The first day there was a lot of crying, but we have it down now and you usually fall asleep in your crib with little crying. We are all much happier with you sleeping on your own! You are a great eater and are gaining weight very well. We had your 2 month appointment today and had to get 4 shots. You did great and didn't even shed any real tears. You weighed in at 11lb 7oz and were 23in long! What a big girl you are! We are loving being your parents and feel so blessed to have you here and healthy!


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