4 months

Carter is 4 months today! She is getting sweeter and more fun with each day. She loves to smile and giggle. Delaney is for sure one of her favorite people and she smiles anytime she catches a glimpse of her. The relationship between D and Carter has been one of the biggest changes this month. Delaney has always been sweet to her but didn't pay much attention to her. Delaney now adores Carter and wants to talk to her and pet her whenever she gets the chance. She loves the fact that she can talk to Carter and make her smile. It is really cute to watch her talk to her because she talks in her baby voice to her. We go to the doctor on Tuesday for her checkup so I'll update on her exact weight and length then. Here are some facts about Carter at 4 months:

- she weighs 13lbs 11oz (55%), and was 26in long (90%!)

- she goes to bed between 7-8 and usually wakes up once between 1-3 to eat

- she had her first tastes of rice cereal tonight. She was not a fan at first but started to get the hang of it by the end

- she is in a size 1 diaper

- wearing mostly 3 month clothes and some 3/6 month 

- she sleeps on her stomach and is no longer swaddled. We had to get her out because she was constantly flipping on her stomach in the swaddle blanket! 

- she is starting to do better in the car (we are about to head to the beach so were hoping this keeps getting better)

- she still does not really take a paci 

- she likes her swing these days and will usually take a late nap in it before her last bottle

- she usually takes 2 naps that range from 1.5-2hrs each

- we are on the babywise schedule and doing pretty good. She still cries some when she goes down at night, but much less than at the beginning! 

- her eyes are still really blue but we are not expecting them to stay. I don't think Delaney's changed until over 1 year. 

- her feet seem to be really tiny and she loves to grab them

That is all I can think of for now. I will update her stats once we go for our check up. Here are sweet girl's 4 month pictures! 


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