Beach trip 2013!

We just got back from an amazing week at the beach with my mom and David's family. We had great weather the entire time and even better company. Delaney was in heaven having her big cousins there to play with everyday. They are all so sweet and patient with her. I hope she is always as sweet to her little cousins as they are to her! We ate good food, took naps, played in the sand, swam in the pool, shopped, and just had the best time. Delaney was so sweet the entire trip and was so well behaved. We stayed in walking distance to pier park, and took full advantage of that. Delaney loved the jumpy houses again and rode several of the kiddie rides in the Miracle Strip. 

Carter was awesome as well and was the easiest baby on the trip! She started sleeping through the night the day before we left and kept it up every night after! We are so thankful for full nights of sleep! Carter loved taking naps on the beach, which made it really easy for us! We had a little SPF tent that we used with Delaney, and we brought to use for C. We would bring her to the beach each morning and she would go right to sleep in her tent. She slept so good in there that we had to wake her up everyday at lunch because we were starving and she was still snoozing! I also bought a baby wearing device before we left and it was the best purchase ever! Carter loves to ride in it and would just look around or fall asleep! Here are pictures from our trip! 


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