5 and 6 months!

This post is going to jump around and cover a lot of ground! We have been so busy with life the last couple of months that I have been terrible at blogging. Carter has changed so much in the last 2 months.
Month 5 update:
You started sleeping though the night right after you turned 4 months. Month 5 you didn't have tons of changes but you did start sitting up by yourself. You were pretty happy during this month and still think Delaney is the greatest. You also started getting up on all fours like you wanted to take off! Also in this month you started eating baby food. I had given you rice cereal a couple of times, but this month we introduced vegetables and fruits. You have liked everything you have tried so far. I think you favorite seem to be squash and bananas.
Month 6 update:
We went to the doctor for your well check up and you weighed in at 16lb5oz (60%) and 27.75in (97%)! I could not believe how tall you were! This is so crazy because when D was 1 she was only about half an inch longer than you are now at 6 months! You had to get 4 shots and did not like that one bit! We had a little fever and a very clingy baby on our hands for the next few days after these shots. Hoping the next round are not as bad. I asked the doctor about you teething because you chew on everything and he confirmed that you have a couple of teeth coming in on the bottom! You are still a terrible bottle eater! You just have too many other things to do and don't want to sit still long enough to take your bottle. You are so sweet and just smile and laugh all the time. It doesn't take much work to make you laugh and it is the cutest sound! This month you also started sitting yourself up from the laying position. You have slept on your stomach for the last few months and you can push up from your stomach into a sitting position. You also like to suck on your toes sometimes :) You have cut down on the thumb sucking that you were completely addicted to last month, and really only do it now at night when you sleep. You still have really blue eyes and me and you daddy have a bet going on if you keep them or not! We love you so much and are having so much fun being your parents!

Watching Brave with your big sis!

Delaney picked you up by herself and put you up here; I was a little terrified and we had a chat about not picking baby sister up while I'm not in the room :)

D's hair has gotten so long!

Trying so hard to crawl and you are so close!

Just a normal day at home with D!

And again!

Went with Daddy to Auburns fan night.

Sitting up!

We went to the zoo with you cousins and had a blast!

Another big first for D was her first sleepover with someone other than my mom! She went to her Aunt Traci's and stayed for a couple of nights in Gadsden. She got spoiled rotten and had the time of her life. So blessed to have such wonderful family that love our kiddos so much!


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