Snow 2014 and the big checkup!

Last week we had an unpredicted snow situation that left me spending the night at school, David walking home from school to let our dogs out, and the girls sleeping at daycare. To say it was a little stressful is an understatement! We were finally able to get the girls the next day and I made it home later that same day. This was Carterbug's first snow so I was so glad we were all finally back together!

We also went for Carter's one year check up yesterday. She is doing wonderful and weighed in at 19lb 14oz and was 30.75in long! Right in the middle for weight and 96% for height!! I can't believe this shorty has a tall girl! She is off the bottle and is on whole milk. She is still wearing 9 and 12m clothing and size 3 diapers. She was not a fan of the three shots she had to get, or of the doctor messing with her!


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