Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little fish!

Carter has not been a fan of the pool this summer, that is until today. Little girl decided on the last day of summer that she loved the pool and could use her puddle jumper on her own! I see many more trips to the pool in our future!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zoo day with Papaw!

We went to the zoo today and took Papaw along for the trip! The girls had a blast showing him around the exhibits. Carter wore the bunny ears pictured at the request of her big sister! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer so far!

Summer 2014 is almost over! It has been the shortest summer so far, but we have had tons of fun. The girls have really grown to love playing with each other this summer. Carter starts the toddler class at a new school (really just a new location, not a new school) next Thursday, and Delaney will start the following Thursday in Kindergarten. They are going to miss seeing each other all day when school starts. Here are some random pictures of so many different memories from the summer! 

Playing in the baby pool in the driveway! 

Taking a jog on Memorial Day with Daddy

We did an experiment with D's hair and straightened it just for fun; she loved it, I did not! 

4th of July with Mom

Freedom Fest at the Hoover Met (round 2 was much better than the year before)

Papaw came with us to Freedom Fest! 

This big girl got to attend summer blast at church for the first time. She had a blast the first day, was a little unsure the second day, and did great the last day. We will be back next year! 

David and I went to participate at Serve Day 14 with the Riverchase campus of our church

D started gymnastics this summer and is doing so well. We stopped to eat at a new restaurant after her class one night. These two were hamming it up! 

Just an average day being a dog in a house full of girls! 

Fun at the McWane Center! 

Baby's first little pony. It's only the back of her head so still a little redneck! 

Getting a ride from their "doggy"

Beach 2014

We went on our annual family beach trip the first week of June. We stayed at Blue Surf in Destin and had the best time. The cousins had tons of fun together and so did the adults. Blue Surf was great for the kids because they had so much room to run and play. We will definitely be back! I'll let the pictures speak for me! 

Preschool Graduation and Ballet

Delaney finished up preschool in May and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I can't even begin to describe how blessed we feel to have been a part of such an amazing school to pour into Delaney before she starts big school. She learned so much academically, heard God's word each day, memorized scriptures, had so many wonderful teachers, met so many wonderful friends, took ballet, and grew from a toddler into a little girl. We are so excited for the next step into Kindergarten. She is excited and ready to start! 

Carter 15 months!

So now that Carter is about to have her 18 month appointment I thought I needed to get in gear updating the blog! At 15 months Carter is just the sweetest little thing and so laid back. The words I would use to describe Carter at 15 months are sweet, laid back, feisty, giggle box, and playful. You can also have a temper at times when things are not going your way. 

Here are the facts about Carter at 15 months:

- weighed 23lbs (about 80% I think) and were 31.75in long (about 90%)
- saying a few words but still nothing significant (your favorite word now, and the only one you consistently use on your own is "no")
- Other words you say: mama, dada, sissy, cup, bun-bun, bye, hi, go 
- Love, love, love your bunny (you do everything with "bun-bun")
- You have gotten more friendly with strangers in the past couple of months and will wave and throw kisses to everyone
- Your sister is your favorite playmate, and you think pretty much everything she does is hilarious
- super laid back and independent right now
- total mama's girl if I'm around
- you are still a great sleeper and sleep at night from about 6:30-7:00, usually nap for about 2 hours
- love to walk and are not a huge fan of the stroller
- favorite foods are any fruit, chicken nuggets, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cheese, nutrigrain bars, and you LOVE chips when you can sneak a few from us!
- drink probably 5 sippy cups full of milk each day and don't really drink anything else. You had a juice box at the beach but really seemed to prefer your milk. Occasionally will drink water too. 
- not a fan of the pool this summer. We joined the YMCA, so you usually go to the daycare and play while I take D to the pool.
- wearing about a size 4-5 shoe, 12-18m clothes, and a size 4 diaper

You my little sweetie are such a joy! Daddy and I love being your parents and watching you grow and change each day. God created you perfectly and specifically for our family, and we treasure all that you are! Happy 15 months baby girl!