Carter 15 months!

So now that Carter is about to have her 18 month appointment I thought I needed to get in gear updating the blog! At 15 months Carter is just the sweetest little thing and so laid back. The words I would use to describe Carter at 15 months are sweet, laid back, feisty, giggle box, and playful. You can also have a temper at times when things are not going your way. 

Here are the facts about Carter at 15 months:

- weighed 23lbs (about 80% I think) and were 31.75in long (about 90%)
- saying a few words but still nothing significant (your favorite word now, and the only one you consistently use on your own is "no")
- Other words you say: mama, dada, sissy, cup, bun-bun, bye, hi, go 
- Love, love, love your bunny (you do everything with "bun-bun")
- You have gotten more friendly with strangers in the past couple of months and will wave and throw kisses to everyone
- Your sister is your favorite playmate, and you think pretty much everything she does is hilarious
- super laid back and independent right now
- total mama's girl if I'm around
- you are still a great sleeper and sleep at night from about 6:30-7:00, usually nap for about 2 hours
- love to walk and are not a huge fan of the stroller
- favorite foods are any fruit, chicken nuggets, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cheese, nutrigrain bars, and you LOVE chips when you can sneak a few from us!
- drink probably 5 sippy cups full of milk each day and don't really drink anything else. You had a juice box at the beach but really seemed to prefer your milk. Occasionally will drink water too. 
- not a fan of the pool this summer. We joined the YMCA, so you usually go to the daycare and play while I take D to the pool.
- wearing about a size 4-5 shoe, 12-18m clothes, and a size 4 diaper

You my little sweetie are such a joy! Daddy and I love being your parents and watching you grow and change each day. God created you perfectly and specifically for our family, and we treasure all that you are! Happy 15 months baby girl! 


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