Summer so far!

Summer 2014 is almost over! It has been the shortest summer so far, but we have had tons of fun. The girls have really grown to love playing with each other this summer. Carter starts the toddler class at a new school (really just a new location, not a new school) next Thursday, and Delaney will start the following Thursday in Kindergarten. They are going to miss seeing each other all day when school starts. Here are some random pictures of so many different memories from the summer! 

Playing in the baby pool in the driveway! 

Taking a jog on Memorial Day with Daddy

We did an experiment with D's hair and straightened it just for fun; she loved it, I did not! 

4th of July with Mom

Freedom Fest at the Hoover Met (round 2 was much better than the year before)

Papaw came with us to Freedom Fest! 

This big girl got to attend summer blast at church for the first time. She had a blast the first day, was a little unsure the second day, and did great the last day. We will be back next year! 

David and I went to participate at Serve Day 14 with the Riverchase campus of our church

D started gymnastics this summer and is doing so well. We stopped to eat at a new restaurant after her class one night. These two were hamming it up! 

Just an average day being a dog in a house full of girls! 

Fun at the McWane Center! 

Baby's first little pony. It's only the back of her head so still a little redneck! 

Getting a ride from their "doggy"


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