New Years, Surgery, and general update!

We had a great New Year's! We always stay home on New Years day and mom makes turkey and dressing. Delaney is into helping cook so she was a great helper. Next year I am going to attempt to do most of the work so I can learn how to make the dressing! On New Year's Eve we went to Brent and Steph's house and they had a few families over. It was fun for the adults and the kids! 

David found out over Christmas break that he had two torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders. He had the first surgery on Monday and is recovering well. He was a great patient for the last few days and is back at work. He will have the sling on for four weeks and will be doing therapy as much as possible. The plan is to have the other surgery in about six weeks. That should be interesting with all we have going on and trying to sell our house! He is doing great so far, and we are praying he keeps improving each day! 


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