Recent Happenings

We have been busy around here! We are excited because we signed a contract on our house the weekend of my birthday. We close on our current house and on the house we are buying on March 10th. We feel so blessed and thankful to have this process move so quickly. I am about to start packing and trying to get things organized! 

We went to the circus for Carter's birthday and it was really fun. She loved it until about half way through when she got a little restless and wanted to walk around. D LOVED it and was at a great age to really enjoy it. My mom bought tickets for Carter's birthday. We had a blast, and I'm sure we will be going back! 

We went to dinner with some friends on Friday night and then walked over to a new popsicle shop. They were SO good and the people that were working were so sweet and accommodating. We will for sure be back for more! Delaney and Cam have been friends since they were tiny and always have such a fun time together. They sat at their own table and just talked and had their own little conversation! 

Just a quick pic of Carter so she is not left out! This was on the way to school! 


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