We have been busy having tons of fun lately. We are about to finish up the school year and it has been great. I recently took a girls trip to the beach with some of my best and oldest friends. It was so much fun and much needed down time. I had forgotten what it feels like to only worry about myself for a couple of days. All that said, I missed my other half and my babies so much!! We were at dinner one night taking pictures while we were waiting on our food! 

I decided to borrow a friends camera and test out my photog skills to get some shots of my babies. I love their sweet faces! They turned out pretty good, and I really want my own camera now!! (Maybe for Christmas?!)

Silly phone shot of my girl LOVING her cheese dip at a Mexican restaurant! 

Last weekend we went to Gadsden to have a professional photographer take some family pictures for us. She is amazing and got some great shots of everyone! The girls were both really cooperative and did great. (She is also really amazing with kids). I think that is pretty much it for now! Here are some of the family pics she took. 


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