Fall so far

We have been busy this fall with all kinds of fun activities. From weekly football games, to roasting marshmallows, to hanging with friends, we are loving all things that go along with fall! 

Football game with Papaw! 

The first of many fires roasting marsh mellows

Visiting Papa and Susan! 

Celebrating Daddy's birthday. I have to record this so I don't forget. This year D was so excited about her daddy's birthday. She bought him a little wooden sign to go on his nightstand that says "Best Friends", and took so much time and care picking out her clothes and doing her hair. She wanted everything to be perfect for her favorite boy. I love their relationship and they are truly two peas in a pod together! 

Hanging with our cousins one day at lunch. 

I finally decorated the inside of the China cabinet! 

Completed kitchen organization station!

David won his big game against Bumpus!

The girls went to the dentist and both got great reports.

Papaw and I went on D's class trip to the zoo with her! It was great and we had perfect weather!

The girls decorated the house for Halloween and insisted on these crazy cats!

Whew! Well I think that captured all of the events of fall so far! We have so many fun things coming up with birthdays and all the holidays! I love this time of year!


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