Disney on Ice and Halloween!

Last weekend we continued our tradition of going to Disney on Ice. My mom gets us tickets through her work every year for D's birthday and we love it. Both of the girls had a blast they year and loved the show! Of course they had to wear their princess attire for the special night!

Wednesday night we got dressed in our Halloween attire and went to the Crest Fest at Shades Crest Baptist. We had never been before, but Steph and the family were going to we decided to go along with them. It was so much fun and not crowded at all. This was a huge plus for us because the girls got to do so much without standing in really long lines. Little people are not the most patient at waiting a long time to do things! They loved the bounce houses and the big blow up slide! 

We wore the same costumes on Saturday night for Halloween. It poured on Halloween this year, but we didn't let it ruin our fun. We took the girls out anyway when it was just sprinkling and ended up getting soaked! The rain was a big damper for lots of people, so the girls got tons of candy from the houses we went to because not many people were out! We had a great time and made some great memories! I love this time of year! 


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