We have been having lots of fun enjoying the pretty weather here! The girls love riding their scooters and are both at such a fun age. Here are picture updates of everything going on here. We are so excited for summer and only have a few days left of school! 

We went to see Hunter graduate from The University of Alabama a couple of weeks ago. We left Carter at home with my mom because it was at night and we didn't get back until really late. Lindsey was playing "Simon Says" with all the little ones while everyone was taking pictures! They love Lindsey! 

D loves reading these days. We found a box of all my old children books and she has been reading them. 

We went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and both girls got great reports. Carter had to take some X-rays and was so cooperative. I had to snap a pic because she just looked so big! We were told that she needs to stop sucking her thumb ASAP! We are trying to work on that! 

Staci, Brinley, and Bryant were in town a few weeks ago too. The littles all love when their big cousins are in town! They love spending time with them and the big kids are sooooo good with all the little ones. We are so excited to see Brinley graduate in a couple of weeks and then go to the beach with everyone! I think that pretty much catches the blog world up on everything we have been up to the last few weeks! 


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