10 month post

Delaney you are 10 months old today! We went to the doctor this morning to get a flu shot and you weighed 15lb 11.5oz.. you are still a tiny thing but make up for your size with your personality! You are growing and learning new things everyday and you make daddy and I smile everyday. Here are some things you are doing at 10 months...

- You are still pulling up on everything you see and can get around a piece of furniture before we know it.. you have taken a step or so and really want to walk but your not quite there yet

- You now know how to clap and do it all the time. You still don't make a lot of noise when you do it but it is cute to watch you try!

- You wave to people but most of the time you do it after we walk away and just stare and smile at them while you are actually in front of them

- You go to the nursery at church (and have since you were about 4m) you are usually great with everyone in there

- You will still go to anyone and are starting to like some people more than others and recognize other people besides mommy and daddy

- You eat your food pretty well most of the time but if anyone is eating food around you then they better share with you! You will come up to me while I'm eating and scream at me for some food. Were going to have to work on your table manners!

- SO far you have liked everything I have given you to eat and you have tried some pretty weird things!

- You have been on the big girl (baby) swings at the park and you of course love those too and would swing on them all day if I would let you.

- You are not what I would call a clam baby but are an awesome little girl with a big personality and love people

We love you so much monkey and LOVE being your parents everyday!


  1. Cute, funny post! I think Delaney gets more adorable everytime I see her!


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