Papas and Blue boys

Yesterday Delaney and I headed up to my dad's to visit with him. We went after breakfast so we got to stay for awhile and we all went to lunch together and then to run a couple of errands. We got to hang out at the house for awhile too and Delaney loves their dog Blue. He is so big and she is not the least big scared of him and actually even likes to hear him bark! She would just stare while he was barking and then when he stopped she would get so excited and start panting at him so he would bark again. We also got to go by and visit Susan's parents while we were there and visit with them for awhile. Delaney had a great day and she sure loves her Papa!

Also Delaney is officially walking as of last week! She is doing great and can take a lot of steps now without falling. I got a video yesterday so I'll try and post it. Any of my blogging friends that post videos is there some secret to get them to download on here? I have a pretty fast computer and when I download videos even if they are not long it says they are downloading for hours... is that normal? How long does it normally take you to download?


  1. YAY to walking!!! How exciting! You've got to post the video. Mine usually takes a while, too -- it's why I rarely load them. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong...

    By the way, the picture at the top of the blog is my favorite! TOOO cute!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I love your Halloween theme.Such a cute baby. Doylene


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