Happy New Year!

We had a great new years eve this year. David, Delaney and I stayed home and just had a few of my friends over. We decided to do it at our house so we could put Delaney to bed and we wouldn't have to leave her since she has been a little under the weather. We had SO much fun just talking and catching up. One of my best friends Lauren even came from Huntsville to hang out so it was great getting to see them and hang out for a night like old times! I lived with both Lauren and Karen, two of my very best friends, for the four years we were in college. We had so many fun times so it was like old times again except our husbands got to join us this time. They both got married pretty recently. We played Taboo some and just had the best time! On new years day mom came over and we cooked turkey and dressing (a new tradition we started last year) and had a great dinner. I like to say mom "helps" me but she probably does more than me! I'm not quite that good with this meal yet but I am learning! Anyway I got a few pictures while my friends were here and we got Delaney's new chair in so I put up a few pictures of her LOVING it! We are supposed to have SNOW here tomorrow so we are crossing our fingers and are getting excited!


  1. Beautiful baby girl. Hang on to her. They tend to grow up. I know. We had three of them. One's married and the other two are pretty serious. What's a daddy to do? They do grow up so fast.


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