What weve been up to and 14 months!

Well I officially started school January 12th! I am loving it and am so excited about becoming a teacher! We have been pretty busy since then and Delaney and I have been going to some of David's last basketball games with him. I have been really busy balancing taking care of Delaney three days, going to school two, working at the dance studio one night, and keeping up with all the house stuff too! I LOVE it though and wouldn't have it any other way. I am going to do another post on the series Five we are doing at church and I'm going to use these as my new years resolution. I usually don't make resolutions but this is more of a way to make your life better everyday with little things rather than a resolution to do one big thing.

Also Delaney just turned 14 months old! I didn't do a 13 month post because there really wasn't that much new stuff from 12 months. She is really starting to learn things fast it seems like in the past month. Here is some of what Delaney is up to at 14 months:

-She has started talking more and here are some of the words she says that I can understand: mama, dada, thank you (sometimes), uh oh (in the right context), no, she will tell you to "hold" something for her, Tutu (my moms dog), Papa, Nana, and sometimes G.

-She has 5 teeth and is about to get 3 more that I can see

-Has a little bit of a temper if she is frustrated or can't do something (sounds a little like me !)

-She loves to play this game where David hides and pops out from behind the couch when she comes to find him and then she will run back to me laughing and do it over and over again

-She is a pretty happy little toddler and loves life most of the time

-She is still not off the bottle completely (bad mommy I know!)

-Some of her favorite foods are: spaghetti, graduate meals (ravioli and the pasta and veggies), pancakes, applesauce, peaches, bananas, green peas, green beans, mac n cheese, cheese toast, yogurt, nutrigrain bars, and grilled cheese. She pretty much will eat anything you give her but these are that ones she seems to like the most.

-She loves the dogs still and will now walk around making a kissing noise at them until they stop and give her a kiss

-She is still in some 6m some 9m and a few 12m clothes, is in a size 3 shoe and we just moved up to a size 3 diaper about a week ago

-She weighs almost 18lb and I'm not sure how long she is we go for a checkup at 15 months

-She loves to be outside and we are so excited about spring coming!

-She likes to get in her new chair she got for Christmas and she will finally watch a little TV and her favorite show is "jack's music show". I found it on demand on Nick Jr. and they are puppets that are colorful and sing and dance.

-She has found her voice and often will yell out at dinner to tell you what she wants.. we are working on our "inside voice". Also I am often told my voice carries and that I am loud and low and behold I think Delaney got my voice box!

-She has always slept with a lovey but has become more attached and now likes to carry one with her most of the time.. you can see her attachment in the pictures since she wouldn't even put it down to play with the basketball!

-Still does not really like her car seat

-She will imitate so many things you do now and it is hilarious for example yesterday David laid on the ground making snoring noises because D will always walk over when he does this and just lean down on her own and give him a kiss and it is so sweet. Anyway they were doing this yesterday and a few minutes later Delaney was laying on the ground making snoring noises by herself just waiting for us to notice and we were dying laughing!

You are so much fun Delaney and so very loved! Happy 14 months baby girl! Well here is why most of you read anyway a few pictures of Delaney recently!


  1. Hey, girly! I'm so glad you're enjoying school! I've heard going back to school after being out a few years can be hard sometimes. Glad the transition has been smooth for ya!

    I love your posts like this! And you're not a bad mama for her still being on the bottle! She will do it when she's ready. Morgan is still on the paci. And the doctor told us to get her off. She's starting to go to sleep without it, so maybe that means she's ready? We'll see...

    Have you turned her around in the car seat yet? I was going to wait until Morgan turned two, but I think I'm getting a little impatient. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that, while in Cali, the rental car's seat was forward-facing. And it was so much fun (for her and us) to have her facing forward!

    Anyway, I LOLed at the story about her laying on the ground snoring. SO funny!

    Last, but not least, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her little outfit. TOO CUTE! And she has the cutest little face! I just want to squeeze her! LOL!

    Have a good week!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!!! She is a doll!!!


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