Baby Talk- 21 months

So Delaney started school last week and she had some interesting thoughts on the whole thing. The first day when I woke her up to go she was pretty excited and our conversation went like this:

Me: Delaney wake up you get to go to school!
D: SCHOOL!! (with a huge smile)

When we dropped her off at school she went running in to play and would barley even tell us bye.

By the end of the week the excitement had worn off and the realization that this is a routine was settling in. We went to David's game Thursday and she saw her beloved Lili and went flying into her arms.. she proceeded to ask

Lili- How was your first week at school!
D: I don't like school..

We all started dying laughing, first because she was talking in a complete sentence and second because she was so certain on her opinion of school. That night while she was in the bath she revealed some more about her opinion of school...

Me: Do you like your teacher?
D: Uhuh
Me: Is her name Leann?
D: ANN!!
Me: Do you have fun at school?
D: I cry..
Me: You don't cry your a big girl
D: I don't wanna cry
Me: Did you meet any new friends at school?
D: Friend is Daney! (Delaney)

Once a again I was laughing hysterically but sad that she felt that way.. A lot of times she uses the word don't in every sentence even for things she is asking to do so that's what I'm telling myself! She has been doing great this week and has gone right to her teacher with no problem so I'm hoping the worst is over.


  1. How cute! She is talking up a storm!! LOL @ using "don't" a lot. Too cute.


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