Finley Brooke Brizendine

We welcomed our new niece and Delaney's brand new cousin Finley on Sunday, September 5th! We have been talking about her for months and were so excited to finally meet her. She is beautiful and perfect in every way. She weighed in at 7lb 1oz and was 20in long (I think the length is right!) Delaney didn't really seem to notice all the commotion at the hospital, but we know her and Finley are going to have a blast growing up together! Meet our newest addition to the family...

Finley Brooke Brizendine

Delaney with her sweet new cousin... she looks super thrilled in this picture!

Already not cooperating to get a picture together... I see many more pictures like this in the future!

I love how much Delaney loves being around all her cousins.. here they are in the waiting room at the hospital having fun together... (We were missing a few!)


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