First Trip to the Dentist

Delaney had her first visit to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and she did great! The dentist said her teeth looked great and to keep doing whatever were doing. He said her teeth were 90% exactly where they were supposed to be with just a slight overbite.. (I'm only recording this for us to I can remember because I know no one else would care about this!) She was so still for them to clean her teeth and they were very impressed with how good she did. All the people at the dentist office were great and she got a sticker and a bracelet out of the deal so she was happy. They also decorate their ceiling tiles with all of their patients hand prints so Delaney got to paint her and and do a hand print afterwards. It was a great first visit and we have our next routine visit in six months!


  1. I like your new blog design. :)

    I'm always so nervous about taking pictures at the dentist/doctor (not sure why -- I'm weird), but you nailed it! Great pics!

    And David looks like he's lost weight. :)


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