Sporting Event Fun!

I am a little behind so I'm going to combine some of our sports outings into one post. We got to go up to Gadsden recently and watch our nephew Hunter play football at Southside High School. We haven't ever gotten to take Delaney up and go to a game so we were excited to see him play. It was a great game and they ended up winning. Delaney LOVES playing with her cousins so she was happy to see Lindsey and Bradley in the stands and have a little fun with them after the game. She was running around the field like a crazy woman having so much fun!

We also got to see my little cousin Lia play soccer twice! They live in Huntsville so we had never seen her play before. They ended up having two games in Birmingham so we went to both and loved watching her play. She is awesome! Here are a few pictures from all the events!


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