Earrings, finger paints and mouse ears!

One milestone event in a girls life that Delaney recently experienced was getting her ears pierced! She had talked about it for a little while but I never really considered it until I started talking to some moms with older girls. Several of them talked about how they wished they would have gotten their girls done when they were younger because they were scared to do it when they got older and it was just more of a pain then. So I bit the bullet and let Delaney get hers done. I was so nervous and I'm so glad now that I let her do it. She did perfect and only cried for about 30 seconds after. They are doing great and we are done cleaning them for the 6 weeks.

She also got some finger paints from her Aunt Traci and I let her have at it after school one afternoon. She was so pumped to paint away and was so proud of her work!

Waiting to get her ears pierced!

About a minute after they were pierced!

Finger painting with her new paints..

Wearing mommy's Mickey ears from when I was little..


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