Family Visits

We had some great family time this summer before we started back to school. My cousins girls were staying with their grandmother while their parents were on a trip and they got to come down to visit for awhile. Delaney LOVES getting to spend time with them and she things she is such a big girl when she is around them. They are great with her and entertain her so well. They all helped run their own little "restaurant" out of Delaney's kitchen and were cooking up a storm! We can't wait until we get to see them again soon. We have also been to a couple of Lia's soccer games since then and gotten to spend some more time with them. Here are some pictures from our visit this summer.

We also got to go spend some time with my grandparents right before school started back. Delaney love getting to spend time with them and she absolutely loves my Nana! She is so good with Delaney and tells her stories and reads her books just like she did when I was little. Delaney gets spoiled everytime we have a chance to see them. We love spending time with family and can't wait to see them again soon!


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