3 years

I am a little behind on posting and while I was away Delaney turned 3! I say this every year that Delaney gets older, but I really don't know where the last year went. There is so much to say about the 3's so far. The attitude at 3 has really started to show. She is super spunky and really funny too. I am constantly amazed at what comes out of her mouth and I seriously laugh at something she says every single day. We went to the doctor a couple of weeks after she turned 3 and she is still as tiny as ever.. she weighed in at a whopping 26lbs (no %) and 35.75in (25%). She is keeping on the same growth curve and is growing perfectly at her own steady pace. Here are some facts and things Delaney says at 3 years old:

- She wears a 7.5 shoe and a size 2T clothes

- She sleeps from about 8:00-6:45ish

- We are almost potty trained and wear panties all the time. We still have a few accidents but are doing better

- She is super shy around people she doesn't know until she warms up

- She LOVES to dress up and only wants to wear princess dresses or tutus around the house. She even insists on sleeping in them some nights

- She loves princesses and Minnie and Mickey

- She is soooo loud and loves to put on a show for anyone she knows and especially our families

- She loves her cousins and playing with them

-She told David this morning when he told her to hold on a second- "Your making me nervous dad."

- The other morning David took her to school and she looked around his car and said, "Dad you need to clean your car."

- If you say something she doesn't understand she will repeat what you said and then add, "what does that even mean?"

- She love to boss our dogs around and is always telling them to say yes mam and do what she says.

- She hates for me to wear my hair all the way up and as soon as I put it up she says "I don't like your hair like that!"

- She still hates anything dressed up, except Santa.

- She is VERY opinionated about what she wears and wants to tell me what she is going to wear

- She loves to play teacher and be the boss

- She just had her first Christmas program at school and got a major case of stage fright and would not sing or move!

- She goes to a Christian preschool, which is why we chose that school, and she is really starting to learn about Jesus and His perfect love for us. I love to listen to her talk about Him and she will tell you all the things He created.

- She is very good at school and does not like getting in trouble, not the same case when she is at home!

- She knows the months of the year, most of the days of the week and can count to 10 in Spanish and 20 in English.

- She loves to dance and do cheers. She knows tons of my cheerleaders cheers and likes to do her toe touch all the time!

I know there are a million things that I am forgetting while I am writing this. She does so many new things everyday now that it is so hard to keep up with. We had her third birthday at ijump and it was her first "real" party out somewhere and not at a house. She had a blast and loved her friends being there to jump with her. Last year she was embarrassed when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her and this year she told me, "OK sing "Happy Birthday" to me now!" What a sassy little thing. Here are some pictures from her third birthday.


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