Thanksgiving 2011

I'm determined to catch up on this blog because we have been so busy with all the holidays. I'm going to just do a couple of post to sum up everything we have been up to. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were blessed to be able to see our families so much. We had Thanksgiving at my moms on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and then we went to Traci's on Thanksgiving day. We had a blast and love spending time with our families. The older Delaney gets the more fun it is to watch her play and interact with her cousins. I'm pretty sure she thinks they are the coolest people ever! She acts like such a big girl when she hangs out with "the big girls" (Lindsey and Brinley) and will sit and listen to music with them and do whatever they are doing. I'm glad she has such good cousins to look up to that I know will be a great example for her. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving 2011.


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