Oak Mountain and Baseball!

Spring break is officially here! We started our week by heading to Oak Mt. to feed the goats and have a picnic. The weather here has been in the 80's for the last week and we have been taking full advantage. Delaney loved feeding the goats and the mini horse while we were there. She was a little afraid when she realized that some of the goats had huge horns and could actually jump! We had been one time before but it had been about a year. We had a blast.

Once we left the park we headed over to Hoover for a baseball game against Spain Park. We always have tons of fun at baseball games and try to go to as many as we can. Now that Delaney is getting bigger she has so much fun playing with all the kids there. Brent and Stephanie also got to come and bring Finley and Blakely for a little while. Delaney loved getting to run around with Finley and show her the ropes! She is such a good little helper. We are headed to the zoo tomorrow for our second day of fun! Here are some pictures from today.


  1. It was so great seeing you guys today! We just HAVE to get the girls together so they can know each other. They're so close in age, and I know they'll enjoy hanging out with each other.

    Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!


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