Ready for Spring!

We haven't been doing too much since Christmas break. I have been super busy at work and have been on jury duty all week this week. Delaney has been practicing her photography skills and can actually get us in view now. She is so proud of herself when she takes a picture that turns out! We are so excited for Spring Break in about a week. I plan to do lots of fun outdoor activities and we are praying for pretty weather. We have 9 weeks testing at school this week and I'm hoping tomorrow is my last day of jury duty so I can get back to my 80 other children at school. I have really missed them this last week! Here are some random pictures from Christmas on. Hopefully I'll get to take more pictures during Spring Break!

Photo courtesy of Delaney's photography skills:

Being silly with Daddy! He is such a good sport and Delaney can talk him into anything.

We finally have enough hair to put in piggy tails. To bad she HATES the rubberbands and usually takes them out right away!


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