Carter- 1 month

Little miss Carter turned one month old yesterday! I took some pictures of our growing girl yesterday. Her big sister even got in on the action and actually volunteered to have her picture taken with her. Here are a few things about you at one month:

- You are nursing great and we switch between that and bottles.

- You are sleeping at night for about 4 hour stretches. You pretty much go to bed around 9 or 10 and wake up about 2ish to eat and then sleep until 5 or 6.

- You cry right before you fall asleep when you are really tired.

- You are starting to stay awake a little more during the day and are happy looking around on your mat.

- At your 2 week appointment you weighed 9.3 and were 20.5in long! Big girl!

_ Your cord has still not fallen off yet so we are still doing sponge baths!! I'm so ready for that thing to be gone so I can give you a normal bath!

Those are just a few basic things about you at one month. I love you so much sweet girl!!

Here is her one month picture and some other pictures from the first month home.


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