Carter Rose Brizendine

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post and I want to do it before I forget any of the details. I didn't start this blog until Delaney was about 3 months old and I forgot so many things from her first 3 months that I didn't think I would ever forget. I want to document all the details I can about her birth so I have this memory to look back on in the months and years to come.

I had been going to my weekly doctor appointments and was already 2cm dilated at about 36 weeks. I was so excited about this because I never really dilated on my own with Delaney. Every week when I went to the doctor I kind of expected to have progressed a little more and that never happened. I was inducded with Delaney, and had a great experience, so I didn't really mind the thought of being induced again. We decided at my 38 week appointment that we would schedule my induction for 39 weeks on January 25th, which is also my birthday! Delaney got a stomach bug the day before my scheduled induction and I was so nervous that someone else would get it. The original plan was for D to spend the night with my mom the night before the induction and she would take her to school the next morning and then meet us at the hospital. Well, those plans quickly had to change with the arrival of the lovely bug she got. David's sister Traci was SO sweet and volunteered to come to our house the night before the induction so she could stay with Delaney the next day. My mom was going to be in the delivery room with us so we didn't want her to take a chance on getting sick, and Traci wanted to make sure my mom was able to be at the hospital with us. We cannot thank her enough for making Carters arrival so smooth in the midst of a less than ideal situation. Traci stayed with Delaney all the next day and spent the night with her the next night. Ok on to the actual birth story.

I went in the morning of the induction at 6am. I was really excited and a little nervous going to check in. I went in the night before with Delaney and this time my doctor didn't feel that was necessary seeing that I was already dilated some on my own. Once we got set up in our room the doctor came and broke my water and we started the Pitocin about 7ish. I immediately wanted to know if there was a certain number I had to be dilated in order to get my epidural. I don't know why, but I was more nervous about the pain of labor this time. They told me once I got uncomfortable to let them know and they would start the epidural. I stuck it out for a good little while and was having contractions on the Pitocin that I really couldn't even feel. I started to think it wasn't going to be as bad as I expected. All of a sudden the pain got really bad and came on really fast. I told them I was ready for the epidural and they put me on the list to get mine next. They checked me about 9am and I was 5cm dilated. They told me they would check me in another two hours. I just relaxed and napped on and off for the next couple of hours. My epidural was amazing, and just like the first time I couldn't feel anything. They came back to check me probably around 11:30 and I was complete and ready to push. The nurses got everything set up and we started pushing around 11:45. I pushed for one contraction with the nurses and they told me to stop so they could call the doctor. I couldn't believe she was right there after one contraction because with Delaney I pushed with the nurses forever before they called the doctor. The doctor was in the room before I knew it and I pushed for two more contractions and Carter was here at 12:08! I couldn't believe how fast the pushing portion went this time around. I am so used to looking at Delaney that I thought she was so small when she came out. The doctor took one look at her and said "she is not small" and "where do you hide all of these big babies!" Sure enough she was 8.9 and 20 in long! That's an ounce bigger than her big sister. She looks exactly like her big sister looked at birth, and she was so pretty! The rest of the day was spent loving on our sweet baby and having family visit. Carter was so healthy and never had to leave our room for anything other than the routine checks. We went home from the hospital on Sunday a little before lunch. My mom was at our house waiting with Delaney to welcome us home and had dinner cooking for that night.

We are so grateful for this sweet blessing that the Lord has given us, and are so happy He chose us to be her parents!! We are already so in love and can't get enough of her. Welcome to the world Carter Rose Brizendine, mommy and daddy love you!



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