Carter turns 3!

Our sweet Carter turned 3 at the end of January! We had fun celebrating with a family party, and she had a blast. She picked out a My Little Pony cake this year and she was so happy with it. Here are some notes I want to remember about Carter at 3:

- You are super sweet and very sensitive. If anyone has to tell you to do anything in a stern voice you are very compliant and get your feelings hurt super easily!

- You weighed in at 31lbs and were also very tall! You only weigh 10lbs less than your older sister who is 4 years older than you!!

- You wear size 3 clothing and about a size 9 shoe.

- You love your family, My Little Pony, dancing, watching my phone, playing outside, pretending with Barbies, and anything else that uses your imagination.

- You are really laid back and for the most part are just happy all the time.

- You are still not potty trained, mommy's fault, but we really started working on it a few weeks ago and you are almost completely there now!

- You are a great eater and love a variety of different foods. Some of your favorites are chicken, eggs, and yogurt.

-You are a great sleeper and have just transitioned into a big bed. It has gone pretty smoothly so far and you have only gotten up a few times. You are one of the easiest kids ever to put down for nap and bedtime and pretty much always go straight to sleep with no problem! I love you so much for this one because mommy loves her sleep too!

- You love school and seem to be doing well. You talk about your friends at school being Stella, Tucker, and Charlotte.

- You talk all the time! You also talk about "Bobby" and "Johnny" all the time. You don't talk to them like they are there but you just say things like "ok Bobby and Johnny"... not sure what all that is about but it is hilarious!

-You adore Delaney and you girls are the best of friends already. You get along really well and constantly play together. I think the mix of your laid back personality with her strong rule following works well together! She is a great big sister to you and always makes sure you are taken care of so well!

Mommy and Daddy just adore you and couldn't imagine life without you in it! You make each day brighter with your sweet spirit and laid back style. We are so blessed to be your parents and we look forward to watching you grow over the next year! We love you baby girl!!


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