House projects

House projects are one of my favorite hobbies these days. I love all things Pinterest, and I have gotten several projects done in the last several months. I want to document the progress so I can look back and remember!  

Ikea hack on this little inexpensive coffee table. Faux marble top makes it look so much better...

I tried my hand at building something and love how this blanket ladder turned out. 

I saw these over-sized "book pages" on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to create one. I have done several for people since, but I love how these look! 

I wanted a rustic sign for over my kitchen window and found a great tutorial for transferring letters onto wood. This one took some time but I love the end result. 

A couple of weeks ago David and I built this outdoor fire pit. We have used it a couple of times already and love it! 

The latest project was Carter's big girl room. I love how it turned out and she is doing great in her big bed!


  1. They all look fab! I love a good project too! Hope I can run into you soon now that we are back in bham!


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