I Heart Pillowcases...

Well pillowcase dresses anyway! My dad and Susan got Delaney her first pillowcase dress and it was so cute on her. I have decided that this will be one of many because they are so comfy and versatile. You can wear them as a dress at first, then as a shirt when they are to short, you can put leggings under them or wear a long sleeve shirt under them! We decided it was also time to put Delaney's highchair together. We had just kept it put up since we got it as a gift because we didn't want it taking up space before we needed it. Well long story short when I opened it up to put it together someone (I'm guessing at the warehouse it came from) had spilled a drink or something in it and it was nasty! So I called the store and they gave us a store credit to buy another one. Well they didn't have the same one and I really didn't know what to buy so I shopped around and after debating between the Eddie Bauer (Newport) and I think the other was the Graco classic wood highchair I saw this neat contraption that was the same size as a normal highchair in the seat and the tray but it straps to one of your seats so it doesn't take up as much room. Well I decided to go home and read some reviews on all three of them from people who had purchased these. I was convinced I wanted the big highchair because that was what I always thought I would have. Well after reading all the reviews the two wood highchairs I listed above didn't get such great reviews and the "spacesaver" highchair was raved about by most of the people who did reviews and there were about 350 reviews on this one so it's not like 10 people liked it! So I went with what got the best results and we LOVE it! It takes up no room and has all the features of a full size highchair! Oh and it reclines so you can use it when you first start feeding your baby and they can't quite hold their head up and eventually the seat comes off and there is a booster seat for when they are toddlers so you don't have to buy that later. I was a little worried about it not being very stable and it is actually a lot more stable than I thought some of the highchairs with legs were so I feel very comfortable about that. It was so easy to set up and you can take it and strap it on any chair so it will go to the beach with us very easily! Anyway sorry I'm rambling but I have lots of friends who are having babies and probably have registered for highchairs so wanted to share my find that I was excited about! It came from babies r us and is called the space saver highchair (picture below).. Anyway sorry this was so long and I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. What a great find on the high chair! Oh, and Happy First Mother's Day! :)


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