Sweet Summertime!

David is out of town in Washington D.C on a school trip that he goes on every year. He is having a blast but I know he misses his girls and being away from Delaney for that long for the first time. We miss so much but were doing great and having tons of fun! My mom is here staying with us while he is gone because I am a big chicken and I hate staying home at night by myself (I know I need to grow up but I can't help it I'm scared!) We are planning to get lots of stuff done this week! We are going to the beach this summer and had been looking for a float for Delaney and we found one last night at Target and it is so cute! We let her test it out in the living room and she seemed to have fun playing in it just on the floor. I also went to Wal-Mart the other day and got Delaney a little pool and had been dying to try it out. Well the sun finally came out today for a little while so we headed out to try out the pool and she LOVED it! She actually flipped over by herself in the water and her head went under a little and she didn't cry on anything she just kept right on playing. I went a little crazy taking pictures because she was having so much fun I just couldn't stop taking them. Here are some of my favorites from Delaney's first time in the pool!


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