Mother's Day/6 month update...

I have been such a slacker on blogging for the past week! We had a very busy Mother's Day weekend followed by a pretty busy week. My first Mother's Day was amazing! We started the morning with David getting up to feed Delaney and letting me sleep for a little while longer then we all headed to church. David gave me a much needed hour massage at our favorite place to go get massages and took me to Sumo for lunch and then out for a little shopping. He did such a great job making my first Mother's Day very special! Delaney went with us all day and she was so good. She is such a good baby and never fusses about us dragging her around on all our outings. Being a mom is the best job in the world and being a mom to Delaney is an even better job than I could have ever imagined! I love her so much and I feel so blessed that God chose me to be her mommy!

Thursday we went for Delaney's six month check up and things didn't go as smooth as usual. Delaney has been going down the small end of the chart pretty much since she was born. When we went in on Thursday the doctor was not happy with her weight gain or growth. She weighed in at 12lb 13oz and was 25.5in long. This put her in the 5% for her weight and the 40% for her height. The doctor said that he wanted us to go over to Children's south after hours and have some test run to make sure everything was OK with her... I was completely freaked out. So we took our sweet little girl and David had to hold her down under a pillow with just her head and arm sticking out so they could draw viles of blood from her (you can see the little pink bandage on her arm in the pictures below). It was pitiful but she did really well and I think it hurt her feelings that she was being held down more than it actually hurt her. Anyway we got the test back Friday and everything came back negative and nothing is wrong with her praise the Lord! We have one more test that we have to do June 1st for Cystic fibrosis which I am not as worried about because she was actually tested for it in one of the routine test they run after birth and I was also specifically screened while I was pregnant to see if I was a carrier because David had it in his family. I don't even carry the gene for it and both people have to carry the gene and pass that gene for the child to have it. There are also many symptoms and signs of this disease none of which Delaney has ever had any of. I was a lot more worried about the blood test that we got back Friday because a lot of that stuff they tested for doesn't have any signs. The doctor told us that he thinks she is just going to be really tiny and that there is really nothing to worry about but that when babies decide to be on a low growth curve before six months they like to go ahead and test to make sure that they are just little and nothing is wrong. I am glad to go ahead and have all the test out of the way so we know nothing is wrong! I feel a lot better after talking to other people who have babies that were really small too and had to do the same testing and everything was fine. Delaney is perfectly fine though and is right on track for everything she is supposed to be doing. Some things she is doing at six months...

*Rolling across the floor to get places (if I don't watch she rolls all the way off the blanket and across the room

*She loves to hear her voice and is constantly making noises

*She is eating two meals a day (we just added another meal and she has cereal, vegetables, and we are starting fruit) and she takes 4 to 5 bottles a day

*She picks up all her toys on her blanket and shakes them as hard as she can

*She likes riding in the car and usually stays awake and stares out the window

*She LOVES to go on walks in her stroller and would stay outside for hours if I let her

*She recently played in the hose for the first time at Lisa's house and she loved it!

*She still loves her baths and just sits there so content in the warm water and she is also starting to splash around a lot!

*She loves to sleep with her lovies and usually has them very close to her when shes asleep

*She LOVES pretty much any dog and thinks its so funny when they lick her hand

*She smiles at pretty much anyone that talks to her and has the sweetest personality

*She is wearing a size 1 diaper

*She is starting to wear some of her 3-6 months clothes

*She wants to grab anything she can and it goes right to her mouth

*She loves to stare at my phone when the light is on and the computer screen when it is lit up

So that is a little update on what we have been doing.. sorry such a long post but I have been a little behind. Please pray for Delaney's upcoming test though that we get done with it and everything is fine. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways and we are so thankful for Delaney!


  1. Please don't be freaked out! Delaney is a precious and petite little lady, and that is A-OK. Can not believe that sweet girl is six months old!

  2. She is so adorable Heather!!!

  3. Goodness, Heather, that would have freaked me out, too. Glad to hear all the tests came back negative. I'm praying that the cystic fibrosis test comes back negative, though stats are on your side with this one. :)

    Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! :) And it was so fun reading through the list of new things Delaney's doing. Isn't it fun watching them discover, learn, etc. I agree -- being a Mom is the BEST job in the world, HANDS DOWN! See you at dinner tomorrow!


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