Beach Trip!

We had a very fun and busy week last week! Staci and her family came in town last weekend so we all got to go eat together on Saturday night. Then Delaney and I had a tea for a family friend on Sunday. Sunday night we got all packed up and headed to the beach on Monday morning! We went down with David's sister Traci and her family. Traci's husband Todd and two of their kids Bradley, and Lindsey had to leave the night we got there to get back but we all got to go out to dinner before they left. Traci and Hunter stayed and we had so much fun! Delaney really liked the pool but she wasn't so sure about the sand or the ocean.. She went in it and she didn't cry or anything but she didn't seem like she was excited about it! It was so relaxing there and the monitor actually reached to the pool right outside the condo so we could relax while Delaney was napping. We ate some great food while we were there and went to some of my favorite shops to look around. It was beautiful the entire time we were there, not even an afternoon shower or anything! Thank you so much to Traci and Todd for inviting us down and for everything! Delaney got a little spoiled by her Aunt Traci while we were with her! We are going back with my mom at the end of July so I'm really excited... I absolutely LOVE Destin!

Another note Delaney turned 7 months old yesterday! I'll do her 7 month post tomorrow because we have to go to the doctor for a weight check of course so I'll have her stats! Hopefully this will be our last every two week weight check! Anyway on to the the best part of the post here are some pictures from our trip!


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