On Thursday one of my friends Brandi and her little girl Stella came over to play. The girls are only five days apart and had seen each other once before when they were both newborns so it was really fun to see them interact now that they are aware of each other! They seemed to have fun with each other and kept checking each other out. This was Delaney's first official play date and we are going to have many more to come. Stella was so calm and would sit so politely and check everything out... well not my child! She literally cannot sit still and wanted every toy Stella picked up. Stella was a really good sport and didn't seem to mind that Delaney was suddenly interested in every toy she picked up. Delaney even wanted to put Stella's fingers in her mouth instead of hers! So anyway the girls had a lot of fun and so did we (the moms). We are going to a Braves game tomorrow and then to stay with David's sister Staci and her family for a couple of days so we will have more pictures when we get back! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. LOLOL! OMG, these are the cutest pics! Delaney's a girly girl -- she's checking out her friend's hair(bow), nails, and shoes! LOL! TOO CUTE!!


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