Delaney's One Year Check Up

Well we went for little bits check up yesterday. She looked great and the doctor said she developmentally was advanced as far as the things she is doing and how well she is walking. She was a crazy woman while we were there and was in the best mood (that is until we had to get shots!) She just walked around room holding my camera case and as you can tell from the pictures she clearly was on a mission of some sort! One thing we were really looking forward to was switching to whole milk and being done with formula... well not so much for our tiny tot. Delaney was 16lb 10oz and was 28.25in her head was 17in... so that's about 2% for weight, about 25% for height, and about 2 or 3% for her head.. so while she is pretty well proportioned she's tiny... I think this has to do with the fact that she seriously is probably the most active one year old I have ever seen! The girl wants nothing to do with t.v and if she's awake shes on the go! Anyway now the pediatrician wants us to give her 16oz of pediasure a day! I didn't really think that much of it even though I knew it was somewhat expensive.. I was thinking more like formula expensive.. well with how much he wants her to have it would be more than double what formula cost a month. I'm going to check on the generic of pediasure and see what that cost.. the good news is that he is not worried at all that anything is wrong with her but he would just like her to gain a little weight. Once she gains a little weight he will let us stop and switch solely to whole milk. We go back in 6 weeks for a weight check and hopefully we will be done with all that then! Overall she looks amazing! Here are some things Delaney is up to at 12 months....

- She loves to read the Eric Carle book "Panda Bear, Panda Bear what do you see?"

- Her favorite page in the book is the one with the monkey on it and if you ask her how the monkey goes she will make the sound for you. She did this the other day on her own when we got to the page with the monkey.

- She's a walking maniac and she really just loves to walk around and carry things

- She for sure thinks shes in charge and will touch things we have told her no no to and just look at you... I think we have a stubborn one on our hands.

- She rides in the shopping cart for about 10 min tops now and then wants out. I made the mistake of letting her down in a store and since then we have been fighting about riding in the cart! Lesson learned

- She waves to everyone and sometimes well just be strolling in the mall or eating somewhere and she will just be waving when no one is even paying attention

- She will throw kisses to you

- She loves loves the dogs and loves for them to give her kisses

- She has enough hair to now put a little bow in

- She is in a size 2 diaper

- Wearing 9m clothes and some 12m, size 3 shoes

- She has the sweetest smile and shows it a lot

- Her top right tooth just came in so she now has 3 teeth

- She lights up when her daddy comes home and it is so sweet to see

- She loves pretty much everyone and will go right up and play with any kids that are around once she checks out the situation

Delaney you are such a blessing and we have had the best year with you! We love being your parents and watching you learn and explore... Here are some pictures from the doctor yesterday as well as some from playing at home!


  1. She is just cute as a button!! I've been showing her off to my friends at work. We're looking forward to the party Sunday! I'm on call so I hope I can make it!

  2. These are always fun to read! LOL @ the monkey sound, waving to nobody, and shopping cart rebellion. FUN-NY!


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