Happy Veterans Day!

Today David was out of school for Veterans Day so we decided to have a little family day and we headed over to the mall for lunch and to ride the carousel. It was packed! Unfortunately the carousel was still closed because they are putting the reindeer on for Christmas (which I'm excited about) but we didn't get to ride. After lunch we headed to Veterans park to let Delaney swing and get some energy out. I took a few pics while we were there.. I think it's safe to say that this girl loves to swing!

One thing I didn't get to blog about last week was that Delaney had her first virus. She ran a temp of anywhere from 100.5-102.3 for 3 days! She was pitiful and we did a lot of rocking and napping on mommy for most of last week. We finally went to the doctor on Wednesday night and she luckily didn't have the flu but her blood work showed her white blood cell count was up and it was viral. So we waited it out and by that weekend she was a new baby! I took a couple of pictures while she was sick and you can just tell in that sweet face that she doesn't feel good. Notice in some of them she is playing with all the snowmen and Santa on the tile by the fireplace.. these are really the only Christmas decorations that she messes with so were doing pretty good! Check out her bunny slippers too! I just started putting them on her because she won't leave socks on and she loves them and I don't think has ever tried to take them off!


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