Baby Talk- 21 Months

Delaney has been talking up a storm for the past month or so and putting together some pretty good sentences. I got the idea of having the same post name to record all of her funny conversations from Morgan over at the Badyrka family blogspot. I thought it was such a great way to record this stuff so I don't forget it later. I was just telling someone the other day that I wish I had started my blog earlier because all the little things that happened when Delaney was a newborn I thought I would never forget and I have! Anyway I wanted to make sure I record this time with her because I know it will go by so fast. So here are a few of the things Delaney has been saying this month:

(while coloring with Gigi) Gigi: This page is done do you want me to turn it to a new page to color?
D: I don't want change page!! (very matter of fact)

Me: (I was looking for my mom in target) Mom?
D: (right behind me) MOM!
Me: Mom?

While in Old Navy I was trying something on her and something happened she looked up and very dramatically said: Oh GOSH!

She also likes to throw in the occasional: Oh Man!

We have been working on using yes mam and no mam lately and she puts so much emphasis on the mam part it is hilarious! Sometimes when I call her now she will say "what" and I say we don't say "what" and she responds with a resounding and usually enthusiastic "MAM!"

After a time out the other day I asked her to apologize to me-
Me: Now tell me your sorry for (I can't remember what it was)
D: Sorry mommy
Me: OK you can go back and play I love you
D: I love you too mom!
Seriously melt my heart!

When David comes home from work D will say: "I miss you Daddy"! (this one you have to tell her to say but it is so sweet!)

I always tell David not to put his recliner up while Delaney is playing because it has these bars under it that she can get hurt on. Now she will go up to him if it's up and say "down!" "down!"

I'm sure I'll think of more to add later but those are just from recent days! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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