Our first and hopefully last...

Visit to the emergency room! Delaney pulled out a drawer a few nights ago and the face of it broke off when she pulled it and fell on her big toe. When I went to grab her there was blood all over the floor and gushing from her toe. It seemed ok for the next couple of days and then it started getting really red and bleeding again so the nurse was worried it might have an infection and wanted us to go downtown to childrens to have it checked out. I was shocked we were in and out in about an hour and everyone there was so great! Anyway her toe was fine and they said the redness was because it was a soft tissue injury and they also didn't think it was fractured. Delaney was such a ham while we were there and was such a good patient. The doctors commented several times they wished the adults they treated were as calm as she was! Hopefully we will never have to go back!

P.S- Her hospital gown looks like a miniature snuggie!


  1. She looks like she was a trooper!! Glad everything is ok and hopefully there won't be anymore of those visits!

  2. Awww, she looks so cute in that little gown (and so much like a big girl)! Glad everything's okay with her toe! :)


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