Delaney is TWO!

I know I say I can hardly believe it everytime she hits another milestone, but seriously I'm going to need her to slow down on this growing up thing. She is so spunky and really smart. She is doing so much since the last time I updated so I'm going to try to include everything I can think of. She started school about two months ago and is learning so much. I knew she would learn things, but I mean she is learning a ton! Here are some things Delaney is doing at two...

- She knows all her ABC's and can sing the alphabet song getting all the letters correct

- She can count to ten, knows all the basic colors (pink being the favorite) and knows all the animal sounds

- She sings songs all the time and lots of them have motions so it's pretty entertaining to watch!

- She has a HUGE vocabulary and she talks in 5-7 word sentences that you can understand on a regular basis. The doctor was very surprised by her verbal skills at her two year checkup. Yay Delaney!

- She will repeat anything you say and she tells me stuff that her teacher says all the time. When I went to pick her up from school yesterday the teacher told me she got on to one of Delaney's friends for standing on the table and called him by his first and last name and Delaney also started using his full name! She said it was hilarious... I asked her about it and she did it for me as well!

- She weighs 20lbs 15oz (no percent) and is about 33in tall (25%)

- Wears 12-18m clothes (mostly 18m dresses), size 3 diaper and a size 5-5.5 shoe

- She has become less of a picky eater than she used to be and eats a variety of foods. Chicken and any fruit are probably her favorite. Of course she also loves pizza!

- She has finally started jumping and actually getting off the ground and really likes bouncy houses. We never had a jumperoo so I think that may be why she never really tried to jump.. now she loves it!

- She has a few friends at school that she talks about all them time.. Today when I picked her up she told me she "pushed Colin because he took her bow"! I don't know if she really pushed him but she knew he took her bow!

- Speaking of bows she is quite the diva when it comes to wearing bows. She LOVES them and ask me to put them on all the time. If her bow falls off she will bring it to me and ask me to put it back in!

- She is a girly girl and loves: babies, shoes, bows, blow drying her babies hair, walking around with a purse on, bracelets, dancing, talking on the phone and her lovies

- She is back in a crib from her big girl bed after continually waking up in the night and getting up super early. I read these were signs that they were not ready for a big bed and since she has always been a great sleeper I put the crib back up to see if that helped. Sure enough she went right back to her normal sleep schedule and sleeps from 7pm-7am.

- She has really started to LOVE school and they make feel so good about leaving her because they adore her. Several times when I have gone to pick her up they have told me that she follows directions so well and never does anything they tell her not to. They also told me that sometimes she will wake up from her nap on her cot and just sit there quietly and play with her bow and lovie until they tell her she can get up. I was surprised by this because at home shes not always in the greatest mood when she wakes up! (Not to brag by recording this info but I want to remember when I look back on this age!)

- She is great with me or David and doesn't seem to prefer one of us over the other most of the time (unless she's sick and then she wants mommy!)

- She has started using the potty at school and understands the concept of the potty. She tells me "I big girl and wear big girl panties". She doesn't wear big girl panties but I told her if she will use the potty she will get to wear big girl panties. We really haven't forced the potty issue at home because she doesn't want to use the potty at home. I asked the doc about this and he said it is very common for kids to potty at school and not want to do it at home.

- She loves to run and will take one of our dogs toys and have them chase her all over the house... its really funny.. she will stop and say aloud "ready, set, go! run, run, run!" and then she will take off

- She has a really sweet personality and does not like for anyone to be mad at her. This is probably why she is so good at school so I hope it continues! I got in trouble all the time for talking so I hope she can control herself a little better!

- She loves to clean. I think my OCDness may have rubbed off on her. Sometimes she will be coloring and she will line all the crayons up in a straight line

I'm sure I forgot some stuff because I really can't remember all the things she is doing. She does new stuff everyday now and this is my favorite age so far! We love you so much sweet girl and love every minute being your parents!


  1. These are always so fun to read! Isn't it amazing at how much they learn at school? I can't believe some of the things Morgan can say and do and some of the songs she knows all the way through!

    But please know that speaking in 5-7 word sentences is not normal -- it's pretty advanced (and AWESOME)!! :) I know you guys are proud of your little D!


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