Thanksgiving 2010

We had such a great and busy Thanksgiving with lots of family! We started off our Thanksgiving break with my moms Thanksgiving on Sunday for lunch. Everyone was there and Delaney loved getting to play with all her cousins. The weather was perfect, 75 and sunny, so there was alot of playing outside to be done. She also got to meet her twin cousins for the first time. We relaxed for the next couple of days and I got some Christmas shopping done and then we headed to David's sister Traci's house on Thanksgiving day. We also did a little birthday celebration for Delaney while we were there because it was easier than trying to do something separate with everyone being out of town. Delaney loves all her aunt and uncles and they always make her feel so special. She got some great gifts and loved every minute playing with all her cousins too! We went up and saw my grandparents on my Dad's side on Saturday morning and spent some much needed time with them as well. Delaney loves getting to see "Nana" and "Papa" and she thinks they are great! She showed off her dance moves for them and played doll with Nana. We had the best Thanksgiving and are so thankful for the many many blessings in our life. God is so good and has blessed us way beyond what we deserve!


  1. I love all the Thanksgiving pictures with family! Delaney's outfit is ADORABLE! Who makes her stuff? Email me! :)


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